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"Equally pleasing work of Julia Burrows, a 

good-looking newcomer with a brilliantly silvery soprano voice whose singing of

'My White Knight' stopped the show. I've never seen or heard a better Marian, Barbara Cook included."

~The Wall Street Journal on Music Man

“Julia Burrows is terrific as Sibella. And I think she must’ve been plucked from the orchard where they grow Sibella’s.”


“The New York-based Burrows’ comely, curvaceous Sibella sings with an angel’s pipes.”


"I could hear echoes of Barbara Cook, who originated the role of Amalia in 1963, in Burrows’ delivery: occasionally operatic, always pitch-perfect, and precisely enunciated. “Vanilla Ice Cream” is Amalia’s epiphany, whose subtleties Burrows mines as convincingly as she does everything else."

~the daily gazette on she loves me

"Rose and Burrows are perfectly paired as Georg and Amalia. They both have old-school movie-star looks and beautiful voices, and their chemistry crackles. "

~the alton on she loves me

"I found the show’s signature numbers, Amalia’s “Vanilla Ice Cream” and Georg’s “She Loves Me,” heart-stoppingly good. Rose and Burrows have a palpable chemistry, and their performances are so fresh and sweet that despite my familiarity with the plot, I found myself right in the moment with them, hoping against hope that they would reveal their feelings to each other."

~Berkshire on stage on she loves me

"Julia Burrows, whose tight-vibratoed soprano peals effortlessly to heights, charms as Amalia, a new employee in the perfume shop at the center of the story."

~Times Union on she loves me

"Julia Burrows plays the role of Mother with grace, warmth,

and a dash of zest. Burrows plays the role mixed with a dash of

modern day woman mixed with June Clever.

If you don’t fall in love with this Julia Burrows performance as Mother, your name might be scrooge. Burrows has the voice of a song bird and the heart three sizes larger than that of the Grinch."

~Albany County CVB on A Christmas Story


" Julia Burrows played Mother.  In her acting she very clearly mastered the odd balance of naivety and hidden wit that made this American homemaker so lovable in the original.  Burrows also delivered an outstanding musical performance with her two solos."

~New York Theater Guide on A Christmas Story


"Julia Burrows, who plays Nellie, has a bright voice that sparkles as she sings “A Cockeyed Optimist.”

~The New York Times on South Pacific 


 "Playing opposite Carl, is Julia Burrows as Ensign Nellie Forbush. Her bubbly, effervescent character is immediately likeable, portrayed with a lovely soprano and flawless southern accent.

Together, their believable chemistry makes you root for the couple from the opening scene."

~New York Theater Guide on South Pacific


"Julia Burrows is charming and likable as the love struck army nurse, her voice sweet and captivating...we fall in love with Emile,

along with Nellie."

~Dan's Papers on South Pacific


"Julia Burrows joins Scolari as the town's feisty librarian, Marian. There was no con needed for her to win over the audience Saturday. The statuesque blonde's crystal-clear, operatic vocals rang strong and true on such beautifully rendered songs as "Till There Was You."

~portland press harold on musica man


"Scolari’s co-star and love interest, Julia Burrows, has a hauntingly rich soprano voice, and her acting is sublime as librarian-piano teacher Marian Paroo."

~Theater Mirror on Music Man


 "This show belonged to those center stage sweethearts, Julia Burrows as Magnolia and Troy Cook as Gaylord Ravenal. Their duets, Make Believe, and You Are Love made the audience swoon and had everyone cheering for their tumultuous relationship.

Their , exemplary talent, voices and chemistry were magnetic

and really guided this lovely show."

~Broadway World on Show Boat


"...this was the delightful work of soprano Julia Burrows, who was making her company debut. She was the embodiment of the romantic side of the story and never failed to deliver

sweet sounds and genuine feeling."

~The Gazette on Show Boat


"Julia Burrows carries the show for the three sisters. Her constant level of high energy makes her a pure delight to watch on stage and her beautiful voice is heaven sent...Burrows gets to showcase her talent as the lead singer throughout the production but has a really jazzy and emotive sound during “Well Alright” and then really belts it out with patriotic flare in “Corn For My Country.” Burrows pours her heart and soul into each song she sings..."

~DC Metro Theater Arts on Sisters of Swing


"Julia Burrows shines as lead singer Patty Andrews."

~The Baltimore Sun on Sisters of Swing


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